The summer season in the Delaware and Maryland beach areas has officially ended as of September 15th. While many people are still in the area, local or seasonal, this is the time of the year when many vacation or rental properties are more vacant than they were during those summer months. So, it is a good time, as many of you know, to prepare those properties for an extended absence. It is crucial to address various powered features and general aspects of your home or rental property to prevent repairs and damages upon your return. We have compiled a list of things we think are the most important to do for your property so that you can have peace of mind through the off season.

  •  Set Interior Lights on a Timer: Utilize programmable timers for interior lights to create the illusion of an occupied home by turning lights on and off at different times of the day.
  •  Install Exterior Lighting: Install motion-detection lights and dusk-to-dawn lighting around your property to discourage any potential intruders.
  •  Stop Mail Delivery: Temporarily halt mail delivery to prevent mail piling up and signaling an
    empty home.
  •  Inform Neighbors: Let your neighbors know about your extended absence so they can keep an eye on your property.
  •  Landscaping Upkeep: Consider hiring someone to maintain your landscaping to give the appearance of an active residence.
  •  Security System and Cameras: Invest in a security system with cameras for 24/7 monitoring and peace of mind.
  •  Property Check: Arrange for someone, either a friend or a hired service, to periodically check on your property. They can also perform tasks like adjusting lights or scheduling repairs.
  •  Unplug Small Appliances: Disconnect small appliances to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.
  •  Install LED Lights: Install energy-efficient LED lights throughout your home.
  •  HVAC Maintenance: Before leaving, have your HVAC system serviced to ensure it operates correctly during your absence and upon your return.
  •  Thermostat Setting: Set your thermostat to a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent pipes from freezing and potentially bursting.
  •  Water Heater: If you decide to turn off the water, also turn off the water heater at its fuel
    source. If your absence exceeds two weeks, consider draining the water heater. Alternatively, lower the water heater’s temperature to save energy costs if you keep the water on.
  •  Smoke Detectors: Ensure all smoke detectors are operational and equipped with new batteries.

By taking these precautions and addressing these important features of your property, you can enjoy your extended absence or vacation without worrying about potential issues arising at your property.

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